Enrich Therapeutics Attends 2021 CYTO Innovation Technology Showcase

Branford, CT June 1, 2021 / Enrich Therapeutics Inc. announced today that the company is going to present at the 2021 CYTO Innovation Showcase live on Tuesday, June 8, 2021. Enrich cell isolation technology was selected as one of the three technology showcase finalists after being qualified through vigorous competition. The CYTO Virtual Interactive 2021 conference hosts by ISAC (the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry) on June 7-10, 2021.

About Enrich Therapeutics Inc.:
Enrich Therapeutics is a privately held company, founded in July 2018, focused on the development of novel single cell isolation platform along with the critical life science applications. Enrich Therapeutics aims to enhance global biomedical research at true single cell level with superior affordability and strength. Its static cell capture technology enables clone isolation under desired micro-environment with real-time monitoring. Enrich technology is making extensive impact in fields of basic biology, CAR-T, antibody, tumor genetics, etc., and is committed to isolating single clones from any physiologically relevant scenario. Additional information about the company may be found at www.enrichtx.com.

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